Fall Favorites

Autumn is no joke to me. I blow up my Instagram with so many fall festivities every year. Fall is my second favorite season, sorry but winter will forever be my #1. Although that might be true, I am 100% obsessed with all and anything pumpkin. From pumpkin spice latte’s to pumpkin pop tarts, I am absolutely and utterly in love with pumpkins! I truly love watching the leaves change every year and attempting to wear almost all of the cozy sweaters in my closet. I have a few fun fall activities I love to do every October and November. I highly recommend you grab your nearest gal pal or family member and check off a few numbers on my list. Here’s a glimpse of some of my fall favorites.

#1 Visiting pumpkin patches

#2 Apple picking

#3 Strolling through Millennium Park

#4 Drinking a pumpkin spice latte

#5 Layering fall jackets

#6 Eating apple cider donuts

#7 Drinking hot spiced apple cider

#8 Wearing sweater weather fashion

#9 Dressing up for Halloween

#10 Drinking seasonal cocktails

#11 Eating pumpkin flavored everything

#12 Decorating for Halloween

#13 Creating some fall makeup looks

#14 Smelling fall scented candles

#15 Snagging some sprinkles cupcakes

#16 Baking pies

#17 Indulging in a charcoal latte or two

#18 Watching Hocus Pocus, Harry Potter & The Nightmare Before Christmas

#19 Eating fresh kettle corn

#20 Strutting around in my fall boots