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Glossier had a pop-up shop in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago. Glossier is known for their simplistic chic style museums/pop-up shops around the country. They have had these mini store in New York City and Los Angeles. This time it was Chicago’s turn. Glossier is a cruelty free natural make up brand. Some of their key products include Boy Brow, Balm Dotcom, Cloud Paint and their Milk Jelly Cleanser . Glossier embraces natural beauty as a brand and their products help you elevate your beautiful features. .

Their products are meant to make your skin feel and look flawless, your lips look luscious and enhance our long beautiful lashes just as they are. Many of the Glossier campaigns feature bare, young-faced women sporting their latest make up. One of the newer and more popular products is called Lid Star. It is a liquid shimmery eye shadow that comes in two shades. What sets Glossier part from other make up brand is that they are asking you to change your lifestyle. This brand wants you to embrace their make up and skin care lines in your everyday life.

I had never tried or even been to a Glossier before. When I heard there was a Glossier pop-up in Chicago , I knew I had to go. When I walked up to the pop-up in the West Loop, I loved every inch of the entrance. It was located in an old, abandoned garage. The aesthetic alone killed me. I was greeted immediately by friendly faced Glossier associate. The associates all wore light pink jumpsuits. This pop-up shop was beautiful inside and out. Everyone was so kind and sweet. I tried all of the best products and ended up leaving with some pretty great ones.

The walls were covered in beautiful portraits of bare face and beautiful women. There were sound bubbles hanging form the ceiling so when you walked under one, different sounds would echo down on to you. The coolest sounds were the raindrops and bird sounds. There was even guest book you could sign after you visited the pop-up shop. There were small white statues and pink flowers scattered throughout the place. There were kind messages written on the walls and on mirrors. This pop-up was both minimal and chic.

The first product I purchased was the Balm Dotcom in Cherry. I always love a good red pigment and this cherry lip balm was perfect. I almost chose to buy the Birthday Cake Balm Dotcom but the cherry was my personal favorite. It tastes so good and I truly loved the packaging.

The second product I had to have was the Glossier Lash Stick. Almost all of the associates were wearing Glossier’s new mascara and their lashes all looked phenomenal. I myself took off my make up and tried it out. I loved how long the mascara wand was and how thin the brush was. This mascara is the perfect “natural” looking mascara a girl could ever need. My lashes were longer than the great wall of China. I’m telling you, with this mascara and a lash curler, your eye lashes will look gorgeous.

The last product I purchased was Boy Brow. This product is an eye brow gel that keeps your bushy eyebrows in place. I chose to get the brown tinted Boy Brow because my eyebrows are brown. I tend to have a little patchiness in the front of each of my eyebrows and Boy Brow does an amazing job of making them look effortless and natural. Plus the gel keeps my eyebrow hairs in place. I do like to pair it withe little brown powder to get a crisp nice line at the base of my eyebrows. 10/10 would recommend.

Of the three products I purchased I have to say the lash stick mascara is my favorite. I use it everyday and I adore how my eye lashes look. The Boy Brow is a close second. After trying all the products in the pop-up shop I can honestly say that I love this brand. Glossier empowers women and makes almost anyone’s natural beauty look and feel great. I absolutely loved the cute pink packaging I received in my goodie bag. My bag was light pink and clear. I received a free mini perfume and a sticker set along with my three purchases in a cute little pink bag. The hot pink bubble wrap bag is Glossier’s most iconic giveaway. Whenever you order form Glossier you receive this cute little pouch. I truly had a lovely time and I will definitely be purchasing from this brand again.

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