Seattle, Washington

Seattle was an absolute dream! I decided to surprise my mom for her 50th birthday and take her to Seattle. It has always been on her bucket list and I am happy to say I got to check this rainy city off my list too! Here is a glimpse of some of my favorite food and fun adventures I had while I was visiting Seattle. If you ever find yourself in Seattle, make sure you stop by some of my favorite places!

#1. Pikes Place Market

Pikes Place Market has it all. I traveled to the market at least 5 times while I was in Seattle, sometimes twice a day. Everyday I would snag some fresh fruit or a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I highly recommend sticking around the fish market. When the local fish market companies sell a large fish or a crab, they yell 1,2,3 and send the sea food flying through the air. You cant miss it! Plus this farmer's market has some of the most unique and amazing produce you will ever eat! Everyone is extremely friendly and sweet there too! 

#2 Chihuly Garden and Glass

David Chihuly is a very famous artist who specializes in glass art work. You may have seen his work in Las Vegas in the Bellagio Casino and Hotel. There is a gorgeous museum dedicated to his talent. I loved walking through this incredible museum. There is a stunning outdoor garden as well that sits right under the space needle! These glass sculptures are no joke. Each room is more beautiful than the next. 10/10 must go! 


The Museum of Pop Culture was a sight to see. The tickets are a little pricey but very worth it. I truly enjoyed the Star Trek exhibit, the hall of fame, the fantasy worlds of myth and magic and the Hendrix: wild blue angle exhibits. Not the mention the museum itself is and architectural beauty. A little photo shoot cant hurt. 

#4 General Porpoise

General Porpoise is a coffee and donut shop in Seattle. I am a sucker for anything whale themed because they are my favorite animal. The ambiance of the coffee shop is so damn cute. The service was beyond friendly and I truly enjoyed my chai tea latte. The coffee mugs and to-go cups were adorable. My favorite thing about this spot was the delicious fresh donuts. They have wacky flavors from strawberry rhubarb to chocolate marshmallow! You have to stop in early because the donuts go pretty fast. 

#5 Frankie and Jo's

Frankie and Jo's is an amazing little ice cream shop in Seattle. It is all vegan ice cream. When you walk in the shop, the smell of sweet cinnamon waffle cones intoxicates you nose. My favorite flavor was the vanilla charcoal ice cream. The walls are covered in green leaves with cute pink decor accents all over the place. If you need a killer aesthetic for your Instagram or a vegan friendly sweet treat, Frankie and Jo's is the place for you! Total plant magic.

#6 Seattle Ferry

The Seattle ferry boats are an absolute must! I needed to fulfill my Grey's Anatomy dream of riding the ferry to Bainbridge Island (a.k.a where Meredith and Derek live) to take in its full beauty. There is nothing better than inhaling a fresh ocean breeze and the insanely pretty skyline views of Seattle. You can see mountains, whales, beautiful homes and more from the ferry boats. 

#7 Bar Melusine

Bar Melusine is a posh oyster bar with a killer aesthetic. The floor is composed of white and sea foam green tiles. The bar stools are teal green with accents of oyster baskets and white/green decor everywhere. The drinks and mixology were excellent. I am not much of a seafood gal but if you love fish or oysters, this will be your go-to joint. Definitely stop in for a drink or two! 

#8 Kerry Park  

One thing I will NOT RECOMMEND is visiting the Seattle Space Needle. To save some cash, I would 100% recommend a trip to Kerry Park. This park is a pretty far walk but an easy Uber drive away! You will have incredible photos and breathtaking views of the Seattle skyline. 

#9 The Gum Wall

This may be a tourist trap but it sure is fun. The Seattle Gum Wall is a must visit spot. Make sure you buy your gum ahead of time because almost all of the local shops with in a mile of the Gum Wall are sold out. You can leave a sticky reminder of your visit to Seattle in an alley filled with gum. Make sure you get a cute bubble photo of you standing in front of the Gum Wall! 

#10 Le Panier

Le Panier is a French cafe not too fare from Pikes Place Market. I popped in for some macrons, tea and crumpets. This little hole in the wall is the perfect spot for some rainy day coffee. The pastries are very good!

#11 Beechers Hand Made Cheese

Beechers is a very famous cheese company located across the street from Pikes Place Market. You must stop in and grab a cup of their famous mac and cheese. Their bread sticks are no joke either. You can even see the workers creating the cheese from scratch through the factory windows. This place is cheese curd heaven. 

#12 Starbucks Roastery

The Starbucks Roastery was one of my favorite places to visit. I practically went every single day while I was in Seattle. This is not you average Starbucks location. This Satrbucks Roastery is a elite and high class version of Starbucks. You won't find you typical frappechino or ice coffee here. This Starbucks is in a league of its own with plants everywhere, a full bakery, sandwich shop, cocktail bar and lounge area. The coffee bar has rose gold pipes the bring the coffee beans straight from the factory to the baristas from the ceiling. The bakery smells incredible. I loved being able to snag fresh pizza, focaccia or a panino or two for a snack while I was there. There is fresh bread baked daily. All of the meats and cheeses are imported from Milan, Italy. You can even order an espresso flight. Each espresso is customized from coffee beans that are acquired from all over the world. I almost overdosed on the amount of matcha lattes I consumed. This place is gorgeous from the moment you walk in. 10/10 you must go and experience this high level of class from  the Starbucks Roastery. We should be getting one in Chicago in the next 2 years! I cannot wait!

#13 Molly's Moons

Molly Moon's is a sweet little ice cream shop located in Capital Hill neighborhood of Seattle. This area has the cutest coffee shops and stores but Molly Moon's reigns the queen bee of Capital Hill. You can try all of the amazing wacky flavors they have to offer. Not to mention they are dog friendly! Don't forget to get to get your ice cream to go and take a stroll on the pride filled rainbow cross walks.

#14 Pier 55

The piers of Seattle contain some of the best adventures you can go on in Seattle. There is great food, fun shops, boat tours, the Seattle aquarium, beaches, street performers and more on the pier. My favorite pier was filled with candy shops, pirate themed restaurants, gorgeous outdoor patios and the perfect location for an afternoon stroll. You get a fresh breeze and a relaxing evening view no matter where you are on the pier. 

#15 Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square is famous for an amazing native american culture impact in this neighborhood.  There are totem polls and native american murals all over the place. The shops have a lot of intricate character and quirks. Each street is completely different form the next. There are antique and vintage shops on every block. It is a great place to wonder around and enjoy the local beauty.

#16 Cherry Street Public House

This little gem is located in the heart of Pioneer Square. There is a huge courtyard filled with cute coffee shops and restaurants. Cherry Street Public house is a coffee shop by day and restaurant by night. I heard their brunch was amazing, I stopped by for a chai latte or two. The baked goods were excellent. I will say, the avocado toast was pretty damn delicious. This modern and polished coffee shop is the best place to enjoy a beautiful court yard view or get some work done. 

#17 The Crumpet Shop

The Crumpet Shop is located right outside Pikes Place Market. This hole in the wall is covered in Alice and Wonderland memorabilia. The crumpets are very famous and very delicious. This is a perfect stop for a quick bite on the go or an afternoon spot of tea. There is also a little patio and this is a prime spot to people watch.  

#18 Rachel's Ginger Beer

Rachel's Ginger Beer is a Seattle staple. If you in the mood to take a break from this coffee filled city, Rachel's Ginger Beer is the spot for you. There have a huge selection of refreshing ginger or citrus flavored drinks and cocktails. This is the perfect place for an afternoon pick me up. 

#19 Il Corvo

One of my favorite hidden gem restaurants (only open for lunch) was located smack dab in the middle of Pioneer Square. It is called Il Corvo. The chef only makes three dishes a day and there is always a huge line wrapping around the corner. No one ever knows what's on the menu and yet this place is jam packed with locals. The bread is phenomenal, the pasta is insanely tasty and the wine was on the house! Pioneer Square is a pretty cool neighborhood. 

#20 The Original Starbucks

The last a final spot to visit in Seattle is The Original Starbucks. In case you didn't already know, Starbucks is a Seattle based company. There is a Starbucks located on almost every other block in this city. This little architectural wonder is located 2 blocks away from Pikes Place Market. You can spot it from a mile away because it is the only shop with a line of 80 people outside the door. I was a little underwhelming to see but I was able to feed my mug obsession and appreciate Starbucks for once.  It might be worth a visit.