Dorm Room Delight

You might have not known this about me but I attended four schools! I started my educational journey at The College of Lake County. I knocked out some gen-ed’s and I needed more from my education. I was very jealous of all of my peers from WHS and I deiced to apply to Northern Illinois University. I had friends waiting for me and I was beyond excited to be attending a state school. NIU is very famous for their incredible football and education programs. I met some of my best friends at NIU and made a lot of amazing memories. I was a communications major at NIU but I never truly realized my passion until I left NIU.

I decided I needed a break state school and I choose to attend Florence University of the Arts in Italy. The program was three months long but I deiced to stay a little longer. I lived in Florence or Firenze, Italy for half a year. I loved traveling, working at my internship and eating incredible food.

When I came back I knew that drinking in corn fields and watching football was not enough for me. I hungered for more. I decided to apply where my mom went to college. I was accepted to Columbia College Chicago and my life changed for the better. I truly learned who I was, what I liked and disliked, I found my passion for fashion and realized I was a city girl. 

When I attended Columbia College Chicago, I lived in two different apartment style dorms. One was called The Dwight and the other was called The Arc At Old Colony. My dorm not only reflected me but it showcased my style. These two buildings hold a lot of sentimental memories for me and I am so glad I attended four schools. Each school shaped me into the person I am today and for that, I and truly grateful. Here’s a little look into my college dorm rooms and how I left my creative stamp at Columbia College Chicago and Northern Illinois University.

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