Goddess & The Baker

Goddess & The Baker is the perfect coffee shop hangout. The best location is in the Chicago Loop on Wabash Avenue. I often study or meet friends at Goddess. If you aren’t immediately sold by their cozy coffee shop aesthetic, then try the food!

Fun fact: Goddess & The Baker is owned by women (gotta love female entrepreneurs). Goddess & The Baker specializes in baked goods. I constantly break my diet and sneak a cookie or two when i'm on my way back from class. One of the most popular items on the menu is the rainbow cake. The outside of the cake may be white, but the inside has an explosion of color. Everyday Goddess & The Baker makes all of their baked goods from scratch. The first thing you see when you walk in Goddess is a delightful array of colorful baked goods like cookies, cakes, macaroons, chocolate and so many more sweet treats. highly reccomend snagging a birthday cookie for your friends and loved ones!

One of my go-to drinks at Goddess is the rainbow cake latte. The rainbow cake latte first made its appearance in June 2017 for Pride in Chicago. It is visually gorgeous, and it even tastes good. I love how Goddess and The Baker has teal coffee cups and saucers. Everything is so bright and happy. There’s no way you can’t feel anything but bliss after you hangout at Goddess & The Baker.

The tea and coffee selection at Goddess is spectacular. Some of my favorite tea selections are: Emerald Spring, Iron Goddess of Mercy, Blueberry Wild Child, Matcha Super Green and the Jasmine Peach. One of my weekly go-to’s is the Goddess Gringo Horchata. It’s that morning kick in the pants we all need on a Monday.

Breakfast is never a bad idea at Goddess. They just added an acai bowl to the menu and it is pure fuel. You get fresh fruit, topped with granola, coconut flakes, chia seeds and flax seeds. The morning sandwich is also a great way to start your day. Anything with bacon on it is almost an instant yes for me!

The star of the lunch and dinner menu by far is the baked mac-and-cheese. IT IS DELIGHTFUL. It is served in a cute little dish with a side salad. The cheese sauce is so creamy and thick, plus you can add bacon on top (which I highly recommend) because who doesn’t love bacon?

Goddess & The Baker is a cashless coffee shop so make sure you have your debit card handy. Whether you need a quick cup of joe on-the-go or need a cute coffee shop in your life, Goddess & The Baker is the place to be.