RPM Steak & RPM Italian

As a steak lover, I had to try out these amazing restaurants. These two Chicago gem’s are owned by Bill and Giuliana Rancic. RPM Steak & RPM Italian will definitely put a hole in your wallet, but I promise it will be worth it. I had been dying to try both of these spectacular restaurants for years. I wanted to wait for a special occasion since both of them are so expensive.

I choose to go to RPM Italian for my Graduation dinner. There is no better place to celebrate than RPM Italian. As an Italian woman and someone who has lived in Italy, I can vouch for how spot on and phenomenal this menu is. I choose to go to RPM Steak to celebrate my first big girl job and promotion at my company. Both of these spectacular restaurants have amazing cocktails, phenomenal dishes and Delicious desserts. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or really feel the need to treat yourself, RPM Italian & RPM Steak will always make you feel happy and classy.