Heritage Bicycles General Store

Heritage reigns at the very top of my favorite coffee shops list. The lavender and chai tea lattes are reason enough to visit. This cute little shop is located in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. This brand is doing so well that they have opened up a few more locations in uptown. Their latest venture is Heritage on wheels. They have a pop-up camper parked on the running path in Lincoln Park. It might just be the cutest thing in the entire world.

Heritage Bicycles General Store offers fresh pastries and treats daily. The cafe and store might be a little small but there is always room on the patio. The space itself is so charming and quaint,. There is a massive communal table that you can share with friends and neighbors alike. The staff are amazingly kind and genuine. 

This cafe is not just a cafe, it is a real bicycle repair shop. You can create a custom bicycle or repair a damaged bicycle. This place specializes in bicycles and coffee. As if this concept is not cute enough, their WiFi password is bicycles and beans!

The decor of this cafe is perfection. There are cute quirks and knick knacks everywhere you turn. The menu is hand written on chalkboards by a very detailed and creative human being. I always love looking up at the chalk boards and seeing what the newest little drawings and doodles are. There are Edison light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. A vintage typewriter welcomes you into the shop with the amazing aroma of fresh brewed coffee. There is even a massive vintage green bus parked in the middle of the outdoor patio. 

Whether you are looking to get some work done or stopping by for a quick cup of coffee, Heritage is a wonderful place to visit. The coffee and tea menus are pretty dang great. This place is always packed with locals, so goodluck getting a table. I am a little biased to the original Heritage Bicycle General Store, it is my absolute favorite spot. I highly recommend a visit to this place to snag a chai latte or two.