Parlor Pizza & Dessert Dealers

Pizza is the way to my heart. This pizza slays in all departments. The crust is fluffy and light and the toppings melt perfectly together. Parlor Pizza just might be my favorite pizza joint in Chicago (Sorry Lou Malnati’s).

Parlor Pizza has two locations, on in the West Loop and one in Wicker Park. The environment is very upbeat, loud and fun. The energy is always happy, great music echos throughout the restaurant and of course the smell of pizza lingers everywhere.

Parlor Pizza draws in large crowds every night for happy hour. This is the perfect place to grab a pizza with your friends and enjoy a cocktail or two. During the summer Parlor Pizza has one hell of a rooftop and a great outdoor patio. Not to mention the bar is a perfect spot to catch a game. The bartenders a very friendly and they tend to be very generous when it comes to pouring drinks. The staff Is very attentive and kind as well.

The menu is absolute hilarious. They have titles like “pre-pizza” and “not-pizza” for those Chicago eater’S who come to a pizza joint and don’t want pizza. I will say the parlor burger is great, the kale and artichoke dip is amazing, the parlor pizza bread is out of this world and the balsamic glazed fried mozzarella is phenomenal.

My favorite pizza on the menu is called “I Feel Like Bacon Love” and it has a leak bechamel sauce, bacon white cheddar, shaved yukon gold potatoes and scallions on it. It will be the best thing you taste all week. I also love almost all of the pizza’s on the menu. You might also want to try the “Cheesus, Mary & Joseph” or “Honey Boo Boo” or “Burrata Be Kidding Me” or
”Okie Dokie Artichokie” or “Save The Last Ranch” pizza while your are there. It is fun to go with friends, each of you can order a different pizza and share, so everyone can grab a taste. Plus, if you are not feeling any of the special pizzas, feel free to build your own.

Parlor Pizza is attached to a smaller sweet shop called Dessert Dealers. They specialize in a concoction called a tacolato. A tacolato is a combination of a taco and gelato. They have so many wacky concoctions on the menu. You have to try them all. A couple of my favorite selections are the “Carmelo Anthony” and “Gimme S’more” and “Go Nuts” and “B-A-N-A-N-A-S” tacolato. My favorite tacolato is the “Cookie Monster” because it has cookies and cream gelato, Oreo pieces, cherries, fudge sauce, mini chocolate chips, whipped cream inside a double chocolate shell. Hope you pop by for a great slice of pizza and delicious tacolato!