Eleven City Diner

I was watching Riverdale one night and I had the biggest craving for a milkshake. In case you don’t know, the Riverdale cast is notorious for grabbing a milkshake from Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe. It got me wondering where I could get a milkshake like that. I started googling, checking yelp reviews and browsing on Instagram for the best milkshake in Chicago. I stumbled upon a great little spot called Eleven City Diner.

Eleven City Diner is located in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago, right on Wabash Avenue. You know your’e there when you see a cute little patio and a dozen neon signs shining down on you. Eleven City Diner transports you back tot he 50’s with their vintage diner aesthetic. Not only is this place cute as hell, but it tastes just as amazing as it looks.

This diner is absolute spectacular and the service is friendly and fast. If you are looking for comfort food, then look no further. They have got is all from a delicious pastrami sandwich to their all day breakfast food, this menu surely wont disappoint. I always leave this place pregnant with a food baby. Their french fries are out of this world good. You must try the Potato Knish, it is a fluffy puff pastry with a gravy dipping sauce. IT IS AMAZING!!! I love grabbing a hot bowl of Bubbie’s Chicken Soup or Matzoh Ball Soup with a side grilled cheese when it’s cold outside.

The sandwiches are the star of this place. You cannot go wrong with any of their world famous pastrami sandwiches. The meat is shaved so thinly and perfectly. It practically melts in your mouth, it is so damn good. The Schwartzy is full of smoked beef brisket and it’s served on Challah bread. You can also try the Zenith (my favorite) which contains the best pastrami and corned beef on the planet, with swiss cheese and thousand Island served on rye bread. Don’t even get me started on the Ruben.

Breakfast is simply great here. You can order eggs, pancakes or even waffles at any time of the day. Everything looks and taste’s wonderful. I may or may not be obsessed with Blueberry Cream Cheese Waffles. I promise the Corned Beef and Pastrami Hash won’t disappoint either. If you really need your morning kick in the pants, order the Bad Ass Breakfast Sandwich. You get 2 Eggs with bacon, aged Wisconsin cheddar sauce on a challah twist roll, plus you get the house potatoes all for $13. What more could you need? You can also get a pretty great bagel with cream cheese on the go too!

You have to indulge in Eleven City Diner’s homemade Rootbeer. They have a big ole’ barrel on tap because of how great it tastes. You cannot leave before grabbing malt or a milkshake. Every milkshake and malt that is every ordered comes with the tin and a hat on top, which is code for a little extra milkshake and whipped cream with a cherry on top. You can;t get a milkshake more creamy and sweet than here. It not only looks so cute, but it tastes even better!

Every bite of every dish I have ever ordered was phenomenal! I'm not a connoisseur of Jewish delis, but this place can do no wrong. Make sure you check out the vintage candy shop too! It is chock full of some of my favorite old time candies like Candy Buttons, Neco Wafers, Rolos, Fruit Stripes Gum, Runts, Pop Rocks and so much more!