The Hampton Social

The Hampton Social features some of my absolute favorite girl’s night out treats. The Hampton social is in the River North neighborhood of Chicago.  Rosé all day is an understatement. The Hampton Social transports you to the east coast with their delicious sea food and cozy beach atmosphere. The nautical beach themed décor makes The Hampton Social pretty dang aesthetically pleasing. The waiters even dress in nautical stripes and wear Sperry topsiders.

Grabbing drinks with friends or eating dinner is essential! Rosé is the only drink that matters at The Hampton Social. In the restaurant, there are different themed sections. My personal favorite place to dine in at is the “Rosé all day” room. The Hampton Social is known for their iconic rosy pink “Rosé all day” neon sign. This room is full of white and copper accents and some very cute dainty string lights. If you don’t Instagram a photo of your frosé in front of this sign, did you really even go to The Hampton Social? This photo will be the perfect addition to your summer Instagram feed, I promise!

You can opt for a glass of  rosé of the day or indulge in the ridiculously trendy frosé at The Hampton Social. Frosé is a boozy wine -based slushy that is both refreshing and delightful. At The Hampton Social, the frosé is pure deliciousness. The rim of the glass is coated in sugar, the frosé is infused with peaches and you get a cute little mint leaf in your drink! 10/10 would recommend trying the frosé!

I will also recommend the “The Surf Lodge” which comes in a big beautiful copper pineapple tumbler. This instagrammable cocktail contains cucumber-infused Absolut elyx vodka, pineapple, lime, sparkling wine and surprisingly jalapeno juice! I personally am not a spicy food or drink lover, so if you are like me just ask the bartender to nix the jalapeno juice. You can definitely share this drink with a buddy, it’s pretty big!

The dinner menu is absolutely huge, from burgers and fried chicken to crab cakes and oysters. They have entrees from the land and the sea. The brick oven pizza surely won’t disappoint. I am biased to the margherita pizza but friends of mine swear that the spicy BBQ chicken pizza is delicious choice too. Don’t forget to try the Maryland jumbo lump crab cakes. You should definitely order these two huge crab cakes as your starter.

My favorite dish is the steak frites. You get a great cut of marinated hanger steak that is drenched in a red wine herb butter sauce. I clear my plate every single time I order this dish. The steak cuts so smoothly and it truly tastes like a little slice of heaven. Did I forget to mention you get a bed shoe-string fries under your steak? Shoestring fries are quite possibly my favorite french-fries. 

If you are not hungry for a bite  then head on over to the bar and grab a cocktail. The Hampton Social often features live music throughout the week. I truly enjoy live acoustic music. The bands and singers that perform cover a wide variety of artists like Kanye West and  Whitney Houston. 

Don’t forget to make a reservation before going to The Hampton Social. It can get very busy! This restaurant takes you away from the city life and brings you straight to the seashore. If you feel like treating yourself or grabbing some gorgeous cocktails, The Hampton Social is the place for you!

Bar Sienna & Bombo Bar

If you are looking for an Instagramable foodie spot,  Bar Sienna is your pick. Located on restaurant row in the West Loop, Bar Sienna is my go-to Italian ristorante.  Bar Sienna is a casual yet trendy Italian joint on Randolph Street . It’s a lively place focused on small plates, which makes it a great place to come in small or large groups when you want to go somewhere fun. The pizza alone justifies Bar Sienna's existence. Owner Fabio Viviani was a competitor on Top Chef. After his TV debut was over, he chose to bring his talents to Chicago and open up Bar Sienna. 

Bar Sienna has some of the best wood-fired pizza in Chicago. The crust is so fluffy and flaky. There are so many options when it comes to pizza, there's even breakfast pizza! Not to toot my on horn but I have been to Italy and I must say this pizza transports you to Sienna with every bite. The flavors are so intense and delicious, I think Fabio did a fantastic job bringing a little taste of Sienna to Chicago. 

Bar Sienna's environment is very loud, after all, it is a sports bar . The lower level of the restaurant has a large bar with a massive tree in the middle of it! The tree grows up to the second level and is covered in lights from bottom to top.  

I must recommend the cocktails at Bar Sienna. They are simply out of this world.  Make sure you order the BIG 21 cocktail on the menu. This drink can be served both in a glass or in a massive rose gold bowl. This cocktail is the perfect drink for sharing. I recommend sharing this bad boy with a couple of friends. It serves 4-6 people! 

There is this cute little walk-up window on the side of Bar Sienna called Bombo Bar. It specializes in a delicious treat called a bombolini. Bombo Bar also has house-made gelato. The cream-filled, hole-less Italian donuts comes in flavors ranging from vanilla bean custard, salted caramel to peanut butter and jelly and nutella cream! Luckily, they're served in portions of three, so you don't have to choose just one bombolini. As a chocolate lover I always go for the s'mores bombolini.  I also recommend a waffle cone filled with two scoops of gelato, but then again, there are gelato cookie sandwiches and they are also insanely good! 

My absolute favorite pick off the menu would have to be the s'mores hot chocolate. You get a biscotti, marshmallow whipped cream, hershey's chocolate, a donut, chocolate syrup and gramcracker crumble on top! It is pure deliciousness! In the summer they also have a frozen hot chocolate. I would go for the funfetti in the summer! The frozen hot chocolate has a matcha base with vegan pink whipped cream with a bombolini on top. You  are bound to leave with a sugar high after visiting Bombo Bar.