Summer House Santa Monica

Summer House Santa Monica is a great way spend your Saturday morning brunching or out for fun, casual dinner with friends.

Summer House is one of my favorite escapes during winter. When you need a break from all of the snowy and rainy 30 degree weather in April, Summer House provides that tiny glimpse of spring we are all longing for here in Chicago.

The environment transports you to a beautiful beach bungalow in California. You can soak up some sun in the Vitamin D room where greenery hangs from the ceiling and shines in the sunlight through the ceiling made of glass. Their restaurant is famously known for their obsession with summer, even sporting a huge countdown to summer in their main entrance.

Summer House has a trendy West Coast inspired menu. The menu is very broad -- you will find salads, pastas, fish, burgers, tacos and even poke bowls! My favorite menu options are listed on the cocktail menu of course. Summer House has a fantastic selection of California wines that compliment a plethora of hand-crafted dishes from the wood-fried grill.

I recommend the avocado toast or the scrambled egg sandwich. The burgers are without a doubt a great choice for lunch or dinner. “The Impossible Burger” is plant-based and it shockingly tastes like real meat. It is definitely worth a try. The crispy beef tacos are also a delightful choice.

I definitely have to recommend the shoe string fries, ordered in either regular and sweet potato flavors. One of the best things about Summer House is that the menu is always evolving. Summer House also sources their ingredients locally, which helps inspire the seasonal food dishes on the menu. You never know what you are going to get when you dine in at Summer House Santa Monica.

How can I forget to mention the bakery? In the entrance of the restaurant, there is a bakery with delicious treats for purchase. One of my favorite ways to end my meal at Summer House is to snag a bacon chocolate chip cookie from the bakery. I like to sneak some oversized chewy chocolate chip sea salt cookies to-go from the bakery every now and then, too.

Summer House is also the perfect destination for a birthday celebration. The staff always selects a massive cookie of their choice and plop a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top for their birthday guests. They even top it off with a lit birthday candle. The bakery counter offers a variety of fresh-baked pastries, cookies and muffins, along with locally-sourced coffee and specialty espresso drinks.

Summer House makes you feel right at home in a gorgeous environment with even more amazing food selections. The staff are very kind and greatly uniformed. No matter the season, rain or shine, you will be transported to the laid-back vibes of the west coast in Santa Monica whenever you visit. Summer House is a great place to shake off those Chicago winter blues